Hardik Pandya Net Worth: Biography, IPL Fees, Wife, Age

Hardik Pandya, the Indian cricketer and all-rounder, has become a household name in the country due to his impressive performances on the cricket field.

With his explosive batting, clever bowling, and athletic fielding, he has become a fan favorite in India and around the world. But what is Hardik Pandya’s net worth?

We will discuss Hardik Pandya’s career as an Indian cricket player, achievements, records, businesses, earnings, and net worth.

He is a right-handed batsman and all-rounder who has played for several Indian Premier League teams. Hardik is ranked at the top and is one of the wealthiest cricketers globally.

This Indian Cricketer Hardik Pandya has a net worth of $11 Million (91 crore in Rupees).

The Indian cricketer is among the most successful and well-known athletes in the world and has also built impressive wealth over the course of his career.

As of 2023, Hardik Pandya’s net worth is estimated to be around $11 million (approximately Rs. 91 crore). This is an impressive amount for someone who is just 29 years old and has only been playing professional cricket for a few years.

His net worth comes from various sources, including his IPL fees, endorsements, and business ventures.

Hardik Pandya’s Net Worth and Biography: Luxury Cars, Mansions, and a Fortune to Envy

Hardik Pandya Net worth

Name Hardik Pandya
Date of Birth October 11, 1993
Age 29 Yrs
Gender Male
Height 1.83 m (6′ 0″)
Weight 75 Kg or 168 lbs
Nationality Indian
Profession Indian Cricketer
Net Worth $11 Million
Net Worth (INR) Rs. 91 Crore
Salary Rs. 15 Crore +
Monthly Income Rs. 1.2 Crore +

Hardik Pandya Biography

Hardik Pandya, the renowned Indian cricketer, has made a significant impact on the cricketing world.

Known for his dynamic performances on the field, Pandya has become a household name.

This article delves into the comprehensive biography of Hardik Pandya, covering his net worth, age, wife, height, weight, children, father, mother, and more.

Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Hardik Pandya was born in Surat, Gujarat, India. Despite facing challenges in his academic journey, Pandya chose to pursue cricket as his passion.

He dedicated himself to the sport and honed his skills, eventually gaining recognition for his exceptional abilities.

Rise in International Cricket:

Hardik Pandya made his international debut in 2016, marking the beginning of an illustrious career.

His performances in both Test and One-Day International (ODI) matches have showcased his versatility as an all-rounder and his ability to make crucial contributions to the Indian team’s success.

Achievements and Records:

Throughout his career, Hardik Pandya has achieved numerous milestones and set remarkable records.

He holds the record for the fastest half-century in an ICC finals match, reaching the milestone in just 32 balls.

His explosive batting style and effective bowling have garnered praise from cricketing enthusiasts worldwide.

Indian Premier League (IPL) Journey:

Hardik Pandya’s association with the Mumbai Indians in the IPL has been instrumental in his career.

As a vital member of the team, he has played a crucial role in their success, contributing to their several championship victories.

Brand Endorsements and Commercial Success:

Hardik Pandya’s popularity extends beyond the cricket field. With his captivating personality and exceptional skills, he has secured several lucrative brand endorsements, further boosting his financial success and market value.

Net Worth:

With an impressive net worth of $11 million (approximately Rs. 91 crore), Hardik Pandya has established himself as one of the wealthiest cricketers globally. His tremendous success in the cricketing arena and lucrative brand endorsements contribute significantly to his net worth.


Born on October 11, 1993, Hardik Pandya is currently 29 years old. His passion for cricket ignited at a young age, propelling him towards a remarkable career in the sport.


Hardik Pandya is married to Nataša Stanković. The couple tied the knot in 2020, marking a joyous milestone in Pandya’s personal life.

Hardik Pandya Wife

Height and Weight:

Standing at a height of 1.83 meters (6 feet) and weighing 75 kilograms (168 pounds), Hardik Pandya possesses a well-built physique. His athleticism and strength contribute to his exceptional performance on the cricket field.


Hardik Pandya and Nataša Stanković welcomed their first child in 2020.

The couple’s little bundle of joy adds further happiness to their lives.

Father and Mother:

Hardik Pandya’s father, Himanshu Pandya, has been a pillar of support throughout his cricketing journey.

His mother, whose name is not specified, has played a significant role in shaping Pandya’s life and providing constant encouragement.

Hardik Pandya Net Worth

Hardik Pandya, the renowned Indian cricketer, has made waves not only for his impressive performances on the field but also for his remarkable financial achievements.

With a net worth of $11 million (approximately Rs. 91 Crore), Pandya has established himself as one of the wealthiest athletes in the country.

From his lucrative salary and endorsements to his entrepreneurial ventures, his journey to financial prosperity is nothing short of remarkable.

Net Worth Growth Over the Year’s

Year Net Worth (in USD) Net Worth (in INR Crore)
2018 $2 million 15
2019 $4 million 30
2020 $6 million 45
2021 $8 million 60
2022 $10 million 75
2023 $11 million 91

About Hardik Pandya: The Game-Changer on and off the Field

Name Hardik Pandya
Date of Birth October 11, 1993
Age 29 Yrs
Gender Male
Height 1.83 m (6′ 0″)
Weight 75 Kg or 168 lbs
Nationality Indian
Profession Indian Cricketer
Playing Role All-rounder
Batting Style Right-handed
Bowling Style Right-arm fast-medium
Teams Played For – Indian National Cricket Team
– Mumbai Indians (IPL)
Test Debut July 26, 2017 vs Sri Lanka
ODI Debut October 16, 2016 vs New Zealand
T20I Debut January 26, 2016 vs Australia
IPL Debut April 10, 2015 vs Kolkata Knight Riders
Awards – Wisden India Cricketer of the Year (2018)
– Arjuna Award (2018)
– ICC Emerging Player of the Year (2018)
– BCCI Polly Umrigar Award for International Cricketer of the Year (2017-18)
– IPL Emerging Player of the Year (2015)
– CEAT International Young Player of the Year (2019)

Hardik Pandya’s Net Worth Overview

Estimated Net worth Rs. 91 Crore INR
Luxury Cars Rs. 1.5 Crore INR
BCCI Rs. 1.3 Crore INR
Brand Promotion fee Rs. 1 Crore INR
Personal Properties Rs. 5.2 Crore INR
Retainer Fees Rs. 25 Lacs
ODI Match Fees RS. 2000000
Test Match Fees Rs. 3000000
T20 Match fees Rs. 1500000
IPL Fees Rs 15 Crore

Cars owned by Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is known for his love of luxury cars and possesses a fleet of expensive vehicles. His collection includes a

  • Lamborghini Huracan Evo , This car is worth around 3.21 Crores
  • Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, This car is worth around 3.30 Crores
  • Range Rover Vogue, This car is worth around 2.40 Crores
  • BMW M4, This car is worth around 1.53 Crores

Conclusion on Hardik Pandya Net Worth

Hardik Pandya’s net worth is estimated to be around $11 million (approximately Rs. 90 crore), primarily derived from his successful cricketing career and endorsement agreements.

He is also involved in numerous business ventures and is a car enthusiast with a collection of luxury vehicles.

Hardik is known for his philanthropic activities, donating to various causes and collaborating with charities like the Magic Bus Foundation.

Overall, Hardik Pandya has had a fruitful career both on and off the cricket field, and his net worth reflects his hard work and dedication.

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